A screenshot of the Kamerastore.com website

Timeline: May 2018 - Present

Project Type: Part-time

My Role: Lead Developer, UX Engineer

Tools: WordPress & WooCommerce, PHP, HTML/CSS, Vue, React, AWS, Figma etc.

Skills: Project management, team management, full-stack development


Kameratori.fi / Kamerastore.com is the largest provider of used cameras and camera accessories in Europe.

The site serves about 70 000 monthly visitors. Their mission is to offer photography enthusiasts and professionals an easy and reliable place to purchase gear.

My role

Building up the future of analog photography

Currently, I'm working as a lead developer on the Kamerastore website. I also build internal tools, and run a few other tech projects on the side, like camerarescue.org.

Right now, my main duties include leading internal and user-facing software efforts, as well as conducting user research on the site's interaction design and functionality, to offer the users a web experience that's worthwile and valuable.

My role entails a good deal of higher-level product thinking (market fit, user need, etc.), as well as leadership as I head the small international development team around the store.


There are multiple exciting, ongoing projects in the company right now. The most prominent one, of course, being the web store Kamerastore.com.

Unfortunately I can't disclose much about our other projects, but do shoot me an email if you want to discuss more!

Thanks for scrolling!