Runny Bunny

Runny Bunny is a browser based 2D platformer game. The game was created as a part of a Commercial Game Development course in January 2016.

Runny Bunny was designed and produced from start to finish by me and my team partner in a time span of a couple of weeks. The game is very simple, but considering our tight schedule I think we did pretty well.

In a week Runny Bunny recieved over 1000 views on Game Jolt, and was featured on the front page as the top platformer game for a week as well. People have also made some great gameplay videos of the game on YouTube!

I worked as the producer, programmer and sound designer for this project. Marketing was unfortunately not a part of this project. Seeing things from the producer point of view in the games industry was very interesting, and I’d like to try my hand at it again!