A website for a company.

iconamedia.com was a website I designed and developed for our JA-YE company, Icona. The site was hand crafted, and built using HTML5, jQuery and CSS3.

I decided not to use WordPress or Joomla for this site, because the traffic was quite small and the site was not updated frequently. I also wanted to learn HTML5 better, so I decided to do everything by hand.

Nowdays I would most likely use a dynamic content management system to create a site like this one. Live and learn!

During it’s lifecycle of a little bit under two years the site gathered about 7000 unique visitors. I think it would’ve gotten a lot more if we had marketed the site more effectively.

I was also able to gather some important data on what sorts of devices were being used to access the site. This data is now being utilized in most of my web design work!