Green QAmpus – Greenkeeping Promo

The Green QAmpus project was founded to fight for better quality assurance in Greenkeeping education around Europe.

My company, Icona was asked to produce a short promotional video for greenkeeping education around Europe, as well as a longer 15  minute short film for the project’s final dissemination event.

The videos were produced by me and Pauliina Hartikainen. We shot in three different countries, and made the films in a span of a few weeks. It was the first time I ever went abroad, actually!

My duties during this project were shooting interviews, shooting b-roll footage, as well as editing the videos.

In my opinion the videos turned out fine, but if I wanted to find something we could’ve improved on, it was the audio. We didn’t have anyone to monitor sound for us, so we really had to run-an-gun the shoots. Looking back, that was our biggest fault.

Please do take a look at this low-quality clip of the promo video. It will do a far better job of explaining what we were doing than just this text!